The Power Of Flowers.

You have to be careful hiking in these parts because you never know when you might stumble across someone’s pot garden.

I've seen some pot gardens in my time, but there is something especially nice about these pots in this garden.

Mendocino village is brimming with beautiful landscaping, but this might be the best.

For me, it's all about the totem poles and antlers. Antlers are to a garden what a cowbell is to a song. More cowbell? More antlers!

The flowers aren’t half-bad, either. And the bubbles only add to the magic.

Alan bought this property in 1979. Upon the lot sat a shed with a dirt floor and a dilapidated chicken coop. Oh, and a giant blackberry thicket over eight feet high.

Fast forward thirty years. According to Alan, he and Roxy can’t leave a nursery empty handed. That’s three decades worth of plants. The first step is admitting you have a problem, folks. Although I’d hardly call this a problem.

This garden contains over fifty different kinds of plants and flowers. And one cat named Scooter, not pictured. According to Alan, Scooter is a snob around strangers.

Alan also says that, “Flowers fill a part of heart and soul like nothing else.”

He’s got that right.


  1. Your photos are great! Somewhere in Flickr a year or two ago there was one I used for desktop wallpaper.

    We enjoy the Mendo Botanical Gardens every other year or so, but not the same without Mr Stanley Cat. They were supposed to construct a Perennial Garden spot for his memorial, but I've yet to find it online.

  2. Hello Florene! Glad you enjoyed the photos. This garden is very spectacular indeed. I'm sad to have to tell you that I just visited the botanical gardens, and I didn't see any memorial for Mr. Stanley Cat. Which is a shame, if you ask me. A good cat can make or break a garden, so he certainly deserves a nice memorial when he is gone. Maybe next year...