Hippie Kid Handles.

Names of hippie kids that I like:

Pine Cone
Freebird (I know two)

Yes, Thor. How awesome is that?

I don’t know what this fire-baton juggler’s name is, so I’ll call him Glow Worm. I was having coffee in Headlands, and I leaned out the door to suggest to Glow Worm that he’d make more money if he lit his fire batons on - you know - fire. Glow Worm appreciated my suggestion. The management of Headlands did not. Liability issues.


  1. Ocean, Canyon, River, Forest, Liberty, ---all of which I love. I guess that makes me a hippie.

  2. Rainbow
    ((my daughter's middle name))
    so I was a hippie chicken.

  3. LOL, my brother had a kid named Free in his kindergarten class in Modesto in the late 70's and one of my son's went to kindergarten with a girl who's middle name was Earth Woman....I just thought the parents were WEIRD, maybe they were hippies.

  4. My wife and I were going to name our firstborn Sundance.

    Everyone in the family flipped at that, so we ended up giving him Sundance as a middle name.

    We didn't consider ourselves hippies then (1975), but I guess we had some hippie attributes.

  5. Rainbow, Sundance, Free, Canyon... Just thinking of kids with these names makes my heart feel good. Even "Earth Woman." Perhaps especially "Earth Woman." Because it's hard for me to knock folks for wanting to be original, especially considering that my own name is a bit pedestrian and certainly nowhere near as wonderful as these. And I say fly the hippie flag high and proud, by the way. Hippies have an awful lot going for them, after all.