Blinding Enlightenment.

When they tell you not to look directly at the eclipse without solar glasses, it’s probably wise to listen.

I tried to look at the eclipse, but I couldn’t. Turns out, the sun’s pretty bright. I thought maybe once the moon was over the top of the sun, enough of the sun would be covered so that looking at the ring of fire wouldn’t sear my eyeballs.

But no.

No lasting damage or anything like that. Just short-term flash blindness. Still, I would have liked to have seen the eclipse. 

And as cool as the shadows and the pin cards are, it’s just not the same.

I thought if I saw the eclipse, things would be revealed to me. That viewing this cosmic event would make me look at things in my own life from a different perspective.

But no.

I suppose that the fact that my attempt at enlightenment only made me MORE blind is, in itself, pretty revealing.

I feel wound-up.

I need to unfurl.