And Den Sum...


I was travelling for a few days and didn't get to wish everyone a happy Earth Day.

I missed telling everyone to have a good Easter, too...

Looks like I'll be doing some make-up blog posts here in the near future.

What was at stake that caused me to be so blog-flaky, you might be asking yourself.

Only going to Alameda for the first dim sum I've had in two years.

And although I missed sending well-wishes to all of my friends in the blogosphere...

I stand by my choice.


  1. After two years and with a whole pile of steamy dim sum goodness sitting right there in front of me? I promise you - there was no waiting. Not even for a minute.

  2. Oh, those greens look good! Dim sum has been my favorite cuisine since I was about 9 years old. Love the sticky rice wrapped in the big leaves the best. And the chicken feet.

    I still remember my first trip to Asia Gardens on Pacific Avenue when I was 0. Big huge ball room with old crystal chandeliers, and lots of carts coming around. I wanted to try everything!

    Probably one of the biggest things I miss about the Bay Area next to the book stores and Mission District coffee houses.

  3. Okay, don't know what happened the first time. Again, a link to a discussion of Chinese food in Humboldt County.

    If it went to moderation, please just ignore this one.