Drawn To Destruction.

But then you

Already knew

That moths

Are Buddhists.

I'm happy that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

If I were as spiritually enlightened as this moth, I would understand the folly of these feelings.

But I'm not a moth. I'm a monkey. When I fight, I go for the face and the fingers.

So I'm glad that fucker is dead.

I'm really, really, really glad.


  1. Well, after ranting over there, I came here, and, well, I'm glad you're glad, i guess, but, nickels and dimes, where are we tomorrow?

  2. Humans are like moths in many ways Jen.
    Both are drawn to destruction from mysterious inner forces. Both are drawn to the light and try not to move around too much in the dark.

    It's almost like our programer (or whatever) had a dark side.

  3. Tomorrow we start from square one. Again. Because that's how it goes, I guess. You can't have one extreme without the other, so you just have to enjoy the moments when the pendulum swings towards the positive. And you have to grapple with the idea that "positive" in this instance equals a dude getting shot in the eye and his body dumped in the ocean. I'm still relieved he's gone. But now back to the business of living...