Always Already.

To touch who you have always already touched.

To break where you have always already broken.

To find what you have always already found.

To end how you have always already ended.

To be when you have always already been.

Calla lilies are used primarily in weddings and funerals, making them the most contradictory of flowers.

These are on the Mendocino headlands.

I think Kant would approve.


  1. Cala lillie land...maybe Mendo should declare it the county flower?

    I've never seen an area where so many grow wild.

  2. Jen! I am floored by these images. Cala Lillies growing wild? I'm just floored. Oops, I said that already. Okay, I'm speechless. I've NEVER seen them outside of a garden. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I knew there was a reason I like Mendocino. (Like I really needed another reason)