Old Hat.

The anniversary of my grandfather’s death is this week.

Before he died, he gave me this old straw hat of his.

It was already a pretty beat-up hat by the time I got it, but over the years, it has gotten even more battered.

Recently, I went to a shop that specializes in restoring cowboy hats. They told me that they could steam this hat and reshape it, but that I would probably lose the sweat stain at the band in the process...

...The sweat stain that got there in the first place because Bud fretted so much over me - me catching a tarantula or me pulling on a bull's ear or me eating leeches…

I told them no thanks.


  1. What a treasure to have. Every touch must put you in immediate spiritual contact with your grandpa. I wouldn't change a thing and am so glad you did not. The shrine/setting you have created is so heartwarming.

  2. What a touching photo of you and your grandpa! Good decision (in my humble opinion)to leave it as it is.

    I got a pearl-handled pocketknife from my Maternal Grandfather that I treasure because I remember he always picked his teeth with it after meals! The family was use to this eccentirc habit and seldom commented on it.

  3. I love, love love that you didn't get the reshaping. Prego hormones make me want to cry at this. DAMMIT!


  4. I miss him, Annie. Thank you for the kind words. He was quite a guy. Dave, he convinced me once that it was appropriate after a fancy meal out to use your napkin to wipe your armpits after you eat. That's right. I said armpits. What is it with grandfathers and subversive table manners, anyway? Like I said, quite a guy. Momma M and Bean, this is what you have to look forward to with The Wizard - who will be an awesome grandpa, by the way.