I wouldn’t advise using any of the mushrooms pictured here for your bread-and-mushroom stuffing this Thanksgiving.

That is, unless you and yours are thankful for things like intestinal distress and / or liver failure. Then, by all means…

This amanita muscaria is what Lewis Carroll supposedly took before composing some of his more psychedelic prose in Alice in Wonderland.

Don’t you eat it, though. It could kill you. And the high isn’t that great, either.

Or so I’ve been told.

“Who are you?” asks the caterpillar’s breath of smoke.

Are you large?

Or are you small?

Or are you both?

Being small, something larger contains you.

Being large, you contain multitudes.

Being a wisp of smoke, you materialize out of nothing, do your beautiful thing, then disappear without a trace.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Feed your head.


  1. Great pics and post! Very visual and I love the Jefferson Airplane - especially "White Rabbit!"

    What a fun post.

    Happy Turkey Day - free a turkey!

  2. These are wonderful photos! You've inspired me. I may have to go out shroom hunting myself.

  3. Very striking photos!

    My kid picked some edible mushrooms with his teacher, who sent some of them home with my son. I don't even know what kind they were, just hoping that she knew what she was doing. A little butter with some thyme, salt, and pepper, and they were delicious.

  4. Hi Jen,

    Marvelous pictures of mushrooms. What a variety, and especially the last brambled mess. I will be a good little soldier and not eat any of them, but will surely admire their beauty.


  5. Hi all! Every year, I too am floored by the beauty and variety of mushrooms that pop up around my little hippie cabin. I've eaten some that I've picked with old-timers from these parts, but I'm nowhere near as brave as Eric!!