The Rooster And The Fox.

Aesop. As interpreted by me. And this rooster. Who is really more of a Bulfinch's Mythology buff, but he's trying to branch out.

One evening, a rooster flew up into the branches of his favorite tree to roost for the night.

Just as the rooster was getting settled in, a fox materialized from out of the shadows and sat down under the tree, staring up at the rooster and licking her chops.

"Good evening, Rooster," she said.

"Evening Fox," he replied, fluffing his bright feathers and looking wary.

"Say, Rooster," said Fox, glancing around her with her yellow eyes. "Have you heard the good news? All of the creatures of the Earth have agreed to love each other and live in peace and harmony."

"You don't say?" said Rooster.

"It's true!" replied Fox. "Representatives for man, beast, fish, and fowl have all gathered at a summit, and have signed an agreement that each will treat the other with nothing but love and kindness."

"Well!" exclaimed Rooster. "That is news!"

"It is indeed!" agreed Fox. "Wonderful news! And I wanted to share it with you first, my dear Rooster. We have been enemies for so long, and now our kinds are finally at peace with one another. Isn't it grand? Won't you come down here and embrace me, my newfound brother?"

"It is indeed grand, dear Fox. I will come down and we'll share a forgiving, peaceful embrace!"

Rooster looked across the field behind Fox.

"And ho! Here comes the farmer and his dogs, running towards where we sit, no doubt anxious to share in our newfound relationship of compassion and love. Will it not be wonderful, Fox, to embrace them as brothers as well?"




  1. Wonderful fable, Jen. Smart fox to beat a retreat and a good save for the rooster.

  2. A grin and a chuckle across the interwebs makes my day seem less gray. Thank you.

  3. One of my favorite parts on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show (back in the day)was when they showed the "Fractured Fables."

    I think they had an Aesop-like character (a dog) who told the tales.Great fun.
    Just like you appear to be having!

  4. Glad you all enjoyed my goofy little interpretation! Aesop and his fables still resonate with me. Something about all of those clever, talking animals really cracks me up. And Dave's right; "Fractured Fables" is absolutely fantastic!

  5. Umm, am I seeing the picture wrong? Doesn't look like the rooster got away intact.

    Oh and that segment was actually called "Fractured Fairy Tales".

    The dog was Mr. Peabody and traveled with a kid in the way-back machine.

    Hey, this is important stuff and we gotta get it right:)

  6. Oh, and since this is a fable. We must have a moral, musn't we?

    Common Jen, give us a moral.

  7. A moral! How could that go missing?

    Hahahahahahhhaaaa! (oh, excuse me, it just got away with me)

    I never tire of fables and fairy tails.

  8. The moral: Always consider the source and always verify the information. It's amazing that the rooster can figure this out, but news organizations can't.