Exit, Hippie Style.

I didn't know Ocean Breeze, but her obituary makes me wish I did.

Oh, and dying on your birthday?


Ocean Breeze

July 19, 1942


July 19, 2011

"Ocean Breeze" (Jeanne M. Bullard) departed this planetary life, on the wings of the Phoenix bird, to freedom, and to new adventures on Roadways beyond this Realm.

Ocean was born in Kingman, Ariz., to June and William Bullard. There she learned to live and work in the outdoors as a rancher. She spent influential years living with her grandmother on the Walapi Reservation, on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Peachland, Ariz.

Throughout her years she learned the traditional ways of her Native American Culture, was a member of the Peyote Church and taught the ways of the Sweat Lodge, Pipe Ceremony, Prayer and Enlightenment to many.

Ocean was a strong, competent, and creative carpenter and wood sculptor. She built seven houses over the years, all mostly single-handedly, many of the structures of unusual geometric design and decor. She was a co-owner of a very successful solar business and of beautiful land, "Ancestor's Voice" in Florence, Colo. She installed massive water, solar, plumbing and electrical systems on her shared land, as well as for many others.

Ocean walked on the Great Peace March in 1986 from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., to spread her deep belief in the need for personal and World Peace.

Although she became physically challenged in mid-life, Ocean continued with unparalleled determination to carry on. Despite her illness, she always felt deeply blessed in her life.

She loved to travel the open roadways of life, hitchhiking through Africa, driving across America on her motorcycle and with her companeras in her tricked-out converted bread truck/home, "Alley Ohm."

She spent her earlier and later years in Albion and was a devoted mom to sons John and Anthony. A third son, Chris, preceded her in death. She so loved her chosen grandchildren Andrew, Amanda, Sarah and Madeline.

Ocean leaves behind her partner Margy and a group of friends and extended family, forever changed by having known her. She was an Enlightened Being, counselor, lover, teacher, friend, preacher and playmate. She lives on within us. Her ashes will be given back to the Earth, Water, Fire and Air as she desired.

Special thanks to our wonderful Hospice program and her Handmaidens who nurtured her on her journey home.

From the Fort Bragg Advocate News,

July 28, 2011.

Shine on, Ocean.


  1. She lived her life well and completed the circle of life in the truest way possible.