Golden Great.

What a Journey.

Last week, I took a road trip to Los Angeles. This trip marked the beginning of the end of a long and important Journey.

On the way back, I drove through Golden Gate Park and crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge.

No toll northbound.

One thing that was interesting about this recent Journey was the fact that the stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that runs from Muir Woods to Gualala was the only stretch that I’d never driven before.

Until now.

Now I’ve made the Journey from one end of the state to the other…

And I’ve driven every stretch of coastal highway that California has to offer.

Quite a Journey indeed.


  1. Something looks wrong here Jen. The post is dated March 13th and no comments for you???? How odd is that? Hope things are going well for you.

    I've been chasing my tail recently and decided to lay back a bit this week. Though we have company, I think the rain will slow us down a lot. It may even interfere with our annual trek to Murphys and lunch at Grounds, our favorite cafe there. That would be a bummer.

    I've driven from San Diego to Oregon on the coast highway too. Love the northern leg and in another life, I would live along the northern coast.

  2. Hi Annie! This blog post on my "Journey" through the Golden Gate was so silly, I'm surprised that anyone reading out there would still put up with me. I hope the rain lets up a little so you can still make it to Murphys!

  3. Hey, silly is good. I do silly very very well. Just ask my all grown up kids. Being silly keeps you young and laughing.

    Yes, Murphys will happen. I called my friend, B, in Angels Camp and she said no problem as long as we don't take the backroad from there. No chance of that. So Thursday is Murphys and lunch at Grounds. Have you ever been?

  4. I grew up around Murphy's. Love it! I hope you had a great time.