Von Tempus? Or Von Temptress?

Today is the last day of my birthmonth.

In fact, there's only a wee bit of time left.

Did I have fun on my birthday?

Glad you asked.

My friends, Shani and Chris, are jewelry artists who also construct armored outfits based on the theme of the warrior goddess.

They call it Metal Body Art.

January just so happens to be Shani’s birthmonth, too.

Shani asked me to celebrate with her by wearing one of her Metal Body Art creations to perform in a show at the MacCallum House alongside all of the other stunning goddesses.

She didn’t have to ask twice.

I give you Countess Von Tempus - time travelling thief and steampunk pirate extraordinaire.

Shani worked up this outfit just for me, complete with goggles, dagger, compass, skeleton key, and a nifty transmogrifier pistol that her dad made.

My magnificent mane is courtesy of Marianella over at Mantras in Mendocino. Try saying that three times fast.

Firewood, flammable gas, a committed miscreant, and a lit cigarette.

What could possiblay go wrong?

Not a thing!

Thank you, Chris and Shani!

And thank you to everyone who participated in the show to make this year's birthday one I'll always remember.


  1. Like it? Love it!! And you look smashing, Countess.

  2. Love The Countess! You are rocking it babe! Now I know which cousin to call to play dress up with for All Hallows Eve with me and the girls! I simply must have a metal warrior goddess outfit!
    Well, a very merry unbirthday to you, as Jan is now officially fading to shadow. Love you cuz.

  3. That last picture says it all! So fun!

  4. Happy belated Birthday Jen!

    You certainly celebrated it to the max! Bravo! Life is too short not to...

  5. Those outfits certainly work for me.

  6. You have an eye for design Jen.

    What should I wear to my nieces wedding in October. Two things:

    1)My niece and her partner asked me to marry them in Las Vegas this October.

    2.) It's a Zombie-themed wedding.

    FYI - I went online and got ordained at the Universial Life Church (didn't cost a thing)and I can now marry people in all 50 states.

    Something else: sadly, the law still doesn't recognize same-sex marriages here in California (Nevada either), but they still want to have a commitment ceremony. I won't to do whatever it takes to make it special for them.

    The reception afterward is going to be one wild time! You know what they say about Vegas...

  7. Hopefully, Prop 8 will be overturned by October.

  8. Thank you, everyone! I had a fantastic time. You only go through life once, and I had so much fun marking this birthday with some really cool memories!

    I feel the same way about your niece's wedding, Dave. You have to be so brave to march to your own drummer, and I should know! Good for your niece! And her partner!

    Good for you, too, for being such a supportive uncle. I can't tell you how awesome I think it is that you were able to get ordained on line, and that you're going to be such an essential part of her big day.

    In terms of your wardrobe, I would go with western preacher zombie. At first, I was just thinking classic zombie priest, but I think you really should do something more original.

    Since you're a westerner, and Nevada is such a classic western state, I'm thinking something along the lines of the slick, travelling western preacher who would travel around to mining and logging towns to perform baptismals and weddings and funerals (all for a fair fee, of course). Think along the lines of a slick black duster, classy cowboy boots, beautiful belt and buckle, snazzy bolo tie, and a tough-looking hat.

    And - this is the most essential part - full-blown zombie makeup. Rotting teeth, peeling skin, exposed veins, etc. See, the spectacularness of the costume will rest in the jarring contrast between the classic western garb and the zombie apocalypse makeup.

    Just a suggestion from my thoroughly demented mind! Whatever you decide, though, your costume is secondary to the support and love you are showing to her niece and her partner.

    I hope you have a fantastic time!

  9. Wow! I totally know who I'm coming to for advice the next time I need to dress up for....anything. I hope Dave takes your advice (and posts pictures.)

    You look fantastic! Happy late birthday! Are you a fellow Capricorn or an Aquarius?

  10. Kristabel! You should feel free to ask me for costuming advice any time! And I SOOOO hope Dave posts pictures, regardless of what kind of zombie he goes as. In terms of my astrological sign, according to the old dates, I'm an Aquarius, but the new ones say I'm a Capricorn. I identify as Aquarius, though, because that song from Hair is just too damn awesome to be ignored. Let the sun shine indeed.

  11. Wow! Great idea! I knew you'd have a fantastic suggestion.

    I promise to post pics on my blog and to share with you (and anyone else). I'm looking forward to it. They told me some things that they'd like me to include in the ceremony - ring, circle of love, ect; and are leaving the rest to me.

    As a writer, I'm doubly stoked!

  12. YAY! This sounds like it's going to be a fantastic event, Dave. I can't wait to see the pics. Here are some images I looked up on the interwebs to give you a few ideas...



    But the most important thing is to have fun, of course! And to be the fantastic, supportive uncle that you are!!