When The Nights Are Long.

When the nights are long
And the days are slight

And the winter moon
Is at her height

Darkness hungers
For something bright.

It grabs the moon
And takes a bite.

Bruised in scarlet,
Wounded in flight,

Moon falters in shadow
And surrenders her light.

But she is the moon
And not without might.

She musters her strength
And turns to fight.

Shadow is startled
And pulls back its blight.

The moon, still wounded,
Limps back into sight.

With scars on a surface
Of luminous white.

She brightens once more
The cloud-filled night.

Total lunar eclipse during a full moon on the winter solstice. December 21, 2010.

In the chill and darkness of these endless winter nights, remember that the solstice not only marks the shortest day of the year, but also the point at which the days grow longer.

And that's a merry thought.

Happy holidays.


  1. What a gorgeous series of photos of the eclipse. The best I've seen and the poetry sublime. Merry Christmas, Jen. Wishing you a day in the warm embrace of friends of family. Annie

  2. Poetry is my favorite form of writing. Your skill at this form of communication is awesome.
    Thought evoking. Emotional and dramatic.
    thanks for sharing...

    Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and Peace On Earth for you and your loved ones!

  3. Beautiful photos, clever imagery. I enjoyed this. You did a beautiful post. Thank you!