Neighbor's Cows Are Out Again.

Coupla weeks ago, his miniature goats came down the hill and ate all of my wild irises. Before that, it was his emu terrorizing the neighbor's chihuahua. I hear he has a camel up there, too. A spitter, from what I understand.

The red-eyed albino is their leader. "Red-Eyed Albino," incidentally, would be a great name for a band.

See those horns? You bet you do.

This is right by the mailbox. The last time these gals got out, one of them charged a white Toyota that had pulled over for the mail. Is there a moral? Probably not, other than you should always consider how badly you want your mail.


  1. What is this, a Police Blotter? Andy will just send Barney and Goober over to send them home. Course Floyd's no help.

  2. Sheriff Andy's been on a drunken bender ever since the river took Helen Crump. That leaves Deputy Fife to handle all of the moonshiners up here by himself, and between us, I don't think he's up for the task. He definitely doesn't have time for rogue cattle. By the way, I've decided that "red eyed albino" would make a better name for a drink than a band. As in, "Bartender, red-eyed albinos all around!"